Marketing China Companiesto the world...


Marketing China Companies to the world (including South and Central America and Brazil by localizing your China company's website into English, Spanish and Portuguese)...

WQS will make sure your China-based company gets the best website, Google/Yahoo!/Bing PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising and B2B (business to business) connections available today. You can see the 3-option system below. You may choose to skip an option that is not necessary for your company.

  1. We will design a professional website and ensure that you get the best possible website for your budget.
  2. We will then design an efficient, cost-effective advertising campaign via Google PPC (we can also set-up PPC for Yahoo! and Bing search engines).
  3. Additionally, we will set-up the best free and/or paid B2B website memberships for your Chinese company...


Step-1 : Design a professional website in English, Spanish and Portuguese for your Chinese company.

(We highly suggest having your website in English, Spanish and Portuguese. English is the most common language for international business, Spanish will open up new opportunities in South and Central America as well as Spain. Marketing your Chinese products to Brazil will require a Portuguese version of your website. There is much business between China and Brazil as the country prepares for the 2014 World Cup football and the 2016 Summer Olympics...)

    • We can make websites that are specifically aimed at your target audience.
    • Our team of marketing agents, web developers and graphic artists can give your company the best "face" that will not only give you the professional "feel" that instills confidence in your clients, but on that will "speak their language" and move them to purchase your products.




Step-2 : Set up Google, Yahoo and Bing PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising services for Chinese companies.

      • We can make help you quickly and concisely set-up a Google advertising campaign designed around you budget.
        Once it is set-up you can control the budget, keywords, focus markets (what countries, even what cities the ads will be shown in).
      • Our team can also teach you and your personnel how to manage the Google PPC account.
        This gives you the power to control, change and update as you see fit and saves you the fees of paying us or another marketing company.
        We empower you with the tools you need to have a successful advertising campaign via Google PPC for you Chinese company.

Google PPC for Chinese Websites

China Company Advertsing on Google

Google PPC helps you get new customers...
Put your message in front of potential customers right when they're searching for what you have to offer.

Google Analytics for Chinese Websites

Chinese Company Google Ad Management

Google Analytics lets you track who, where, when and how people visit your site...


Step-3 : Set up B2B (Business-to-Business) accounts and advertising (free and/or paid).

      • We will find the best local and international B2B websites to register your company.
        We will compose your profile so that it is professional and contains the local language and the best keywords to increase search landings to your profile and listed products.
        We will utilize as many free and low-cost options available so as to give you the best ROI (Return on Investment) and assure your name and website are easily found in each of the foreign markets.
      • We will provide all account details usernames and passwords to you so that you can make changes updates, or if you like we can manage your accounts for you.

PLEASE CONTACT US NOW: The world and the world's economies are changing. We want to ensure you get your system up and running so as to be the leader in your industry.




1.) 市场调研,找到真正卖点

2.) 设计细节:完善设计致使贵公司的产品必将是世界上最好(由于价格实惠)

 3.) 缔造品牌

  • 商号、标识(Logo)、商标、域名设计等
  • 广告与包装

 4.) 启动前推广

  • 在网站宣告等 发布新闻、博客、报刊、国际媒体等
  • 本土新闻(在线与离线)发布会
  • 提前发送给现有尊贵客户(预订单,折扣、纪念品、推销、返利等)
  • 筹备启动—培训团队、设计招商活动等

 5.) 启动与推销

  • 实际启动招商活动
  • 广告
  • 邀请函、实际启动的电子邮件
  • 产品示范

“ 如果你确保众多客户有良好体验,他们必将与别人分享那经历。口碑是非常有力量的营销工具。”

WQS Marketing Benifits

We help you:

  • Start with a lean structure and minimum expenses.
  • Establish clients before your business opens.
  • Shape your business as various opportunities materialize.
  • Promote your business – in China it is important to target efforts.
  • Assist you screen potential clients.
  • Manage and deal with bad / unexpected issues.
  • Help you get optimum market penetration by adapting to the market.

Business Websites for Chinese Eyes

Appeal to Chinese eyes with your localized website.


Your Western company desires entry into China's vast, vast market and, of course, you want your product/services to appeal to your target audience in mainland China.



  • WQS will discuss your desires and take the time to understand your business goals.
  • We will then set up best-fit website plans, discuss the overall website strategy and review all key aspects with you to ensure you reach and appeal to your target audience.
  • We will then complete any unfinished translating and localizing all of your content.
  • Finally, we will review the finished site with you and make any changes needed so it has the look and feel you desire.
  • If you would like, we can also schedule for regular reviews and maintenance, so you can ensure to optimize your site after launch.


In addition, we offer China website SEO optimization for your existing website, China search engine PPC advertising management for new and existing websites, social marketing plans and various gorilla marketing campaigns.

Building West - East Business Linkages

Your China company need profitable and effective business linkages with Western / South American and other English speaking countries (sales, marketing, advertising, B2B accounts etc...).

You give us your business goals, product / service details and we report back with best-fit proposals for effectively and efficiently obtaining these goals.

WQS is in China and we can oversee your sales / advertising /marketing program's maintenance, optimizations and help you navigate regulations and foreign laws. If necessary, we can also establish and maintain any necessary "guan-xi" with your foreign clients.

B2B/B2C/O2O 在线账户、简介和产品说明



中国营销网可建立管理和维护你们公司PPC广告文字和显示方式。现在欧美公司远离阿里巴巴或其它B2B平台不足为奇。 他们现在偏向通过搜索神器